4 Tips To Avoid Google’s Crackdown on Over-SEO

Over-SEO Perpetrators BEWARE

Matt Cutts 150x150 4 Tips To Avoid Google’s Crackdown on Over SEO

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Who hasn’t seen this warning yet? Over the past month, there have been numerous blog posts and articles about Google changing its algorithm to downgrade websites that over-seo their pages. There has been caution after caution raised about ‘don’t do too much SEO’ or ‘be careful not to over-seo your posts’.  Some bloggers have been running for the SEO hills. Did anyone stop to ask or explain exactly what over-seo is or how to avoid it?

Let me also add that the change is meant to penalize keyword spammers in favor of getting better written content to the top of the search engines.

Many have raised the red flags, but is anyone saying exactly what you should or should not do to avoid Googles Over-Seo filter?

Here are a few things to look at when creating your content for search engine optimization.

Well-Written RELEVANT Content ALWAYS Beats Over-SEO

Content is always, ALWAYS,  A L W A Y S  King. Great content is well-written and relevant to your target market. Provide value with your content and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. You don’t have to write in ‘expert’ language. Make your content relatable. Let your audience know that you deal with horrible prospects too. Write about things that are happening in your life. More often than not, there is someone out there dealing with the same issue.

Keyword-Stuffed Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) will lose against Google Over-Seo Filter

If you read that statement, and said to yourself ‘I don’t even know what that means’

  1. You are not alone
  2. You’re probably not committing this offense.

If you’re outsourcing your SEO strategy, your SEO team may be doing this. It is easier to show you what keyword-stuffing looks like, than it is to try to explain it. Let’s say you’re writing a blog post, and your keyword is trucks.

Normally, your URL may look like this: www.yourname.com/trucks.

A keyword-stuffed URL looks more like this: www.yourname.com/trucks-red-trucks-blue-trucks-green-trucks.

As you can see, a keyword-stuffed URL has the keyword AND variations in the URL. If you’re doing that, STOP IT! Instead, just have the relevant keyword in the URL.

Google Over-Seo Filter will catch Spammy Keywords

Keep your keywords at 1-2% of your word count. A good rule of thumb is one keyword per paragraph (which is usually about 100 words). Make sure your keyword placement makes sense. Nothing is more of a turn-off than when your content does not read well, because you’ve spammed your keyword all over the place. Not only will Google ding you for spamming your keywords, your readers will not come back.

Alternate the use of Keywords in Alternate Text to avoid the Over-Seo Filter

Most people use Alt Tags with images in their posts. They add keywords in the alternate text of the image. Doing this in moderation is OK. I would suggest starting alternating this practice with linking the photo to something else. If you post every day, maybe 3 times per week you put a keyword in an ‘Alt Tag’, and the other days you link the image to your Facebook FanPage or to another post in your blog. This way, you are alternating your SEO technique and not disrupting your SEO groove.

Other helpful articles on the Google Crackdown on Over-SEO

David Amerland of helpmyseo.com also gives a few tips that I think are pretty helpful to avoid the Google SEO smackdown as well.

Barry Schwartz posted a great article on this on SearchEngineLand.com, and added the audio from Matt Cutts’ presentation at SXSW (South By Southwest).

Start testing and tracking  your posts. Find what works and stick with it until Google decides to change something else! Until then…

BEWARE: The Over-Seo Monster is here… (I love drama).

Keep Marching Forward,

LuSundra Everett

Your MilSpouse Marketer

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